Makor is a Hebrew word that means "source" as well as "fountain" or "natural spring".

1. Concept and Goals

Our primary goal is to give community members the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills related to Jewish history and heritage through study and research. Participants will learn about their personal and community history, as well as the history of Europe.

The Makor Program aims to:

  • Strengthen each participant's commitment to Jewish values and identity.
  • Create a group of inspired and dedicated leaders willing to explore and identify with their roots and heritage.
  • Awaken and engage wider public interest in Jewish heritage.
  • Create an inclusive and receptive community.
  • Enhance the quality of communal social services with better managed activities.

2. Form

Makor 011 conducts its activities through individual and group study and research, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, performances, development of educational resources, online communication and outreach and field trips. Makor011 stands for continuity, active participation and personal involvement.

3. Topics

The range of topics of the Makor011 program will focus primarily on the individual's family history and the history of the local community by studying:

  • History
  • Cultural heritage and tradition
  • Genealogy
  • Literature
  • Language
  • Drama
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Gastronomy

4. Target group

Jewish community, general public.

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