Makor 011

Makor 011 Belgrade Jewish Heritage Forum is a project of the Jewish Center for Culture and Arts (JCCA), which is a private, non-partisan and non-profit organization.

Why are we named "Makor 011"? The Hebrew noun "Makor" means source, origin, resource, root an resources. The "011" is the international postal code for Belgrade. While our emphasis is on the source or origin of our shared heritage in Belgrade, we reach beyond our local community to international communities.

מָקוֹר - (Hebrew noun: source, origin, resource, root, resources)

011 - international postal code for Belgrade


To enhance individual and collective research of Jewish heritage in Belgrade, Serbia and thus protect and conserve its being. To promote Jewish education and encourage the dissemination of information and accessability to Jewish herritage to community members and the wider public.

To foster contacts between scholars, students, members of the local Jewish community, foundations, state and civic organizations and monuments protection authorities.

Makor 011 Team

  • Maya Slater: Movie and TV director, Researcher
  • Davor Salom: Educator and Researcher, Tourist Guide
  • Marija Salom: Educator and Researcher, Architect

Makor 011 Activities:

  • Jewish Geneonology
  • Jewish History, heritage and sites
    History of Belgrade Jewish community / Heritage sites: study and protection
  • Jewish Cultural herritage
    Language, literature, music, theatre, art, dance, humor
  • Jewish Gastronomy
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